Before - The - Night - Ends
❝ You are afraid to die,
and you’re afraid to live.
What a way to exist. ❞

- Neale Donald Walsch (via sad-empty)


NIGHTMARE / リライト (2014.1.8)
Show at USA (2014.3.15)

No matter how many times you look back, you can’t change it 
Painting over the tidy footprints can’t fool your heart


倖田來未 MV’S
So Nice feat. Mr.Blistah
↳ Play around all you want. Hot and in ecstasy… so nice.

"I, Nagao Kagetora, do not wish to become the ruler. Nor do I wish to ravage the land of other provinces. I just want to revert the country to what it should be. I want to rectify the disorder in this country."  (Fuurin Kazan 2007)